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    Tournament Time Bank

    There’s a lot of action in online poker, and you may want extra time every now and then: to think about your next move, to switch to your laptop, to stretch your legs. It happens.

    Regular and Turbo Tournaments

    We give you an additional 90 seconds at the start of each tournament that you can use as you need to, on top of the regular time.

    You always get 30 seconds to make a move when it’s your turn. Once the allotted time of 30 seconds is down to 16, you'll have the option to activate your time bank by clicking the bar that appears on the bottom right of the table. You must click to activate your Tournament Time Bank, whether you have money invested in the pot or not.

    You'll know the time bank is activated when it is greyed out. Once your initial 30 seconds have expired, you will be using your time bank. Once you perform an action, the time bank will stop. The next time you need it, you will begin from the amount of seconds that remain in your time bank since it was last used. For example, in the middle of a tournament, you use 15 seconds of your time bank for a borderline call, leaving you with 75 seconds remaining. You reach the final table and have another tough call to make. When you activate your time bank, you'll start with 75 seconds. The amount of time in your time bank will always be displayed and if you've used up your time bank, you won't receive any additional time.

    Super-Turbo and Hyper-Turbo Tournaments

    The time bank guidelines vary slightly for Turbo Tournaments.  We give you an additional 30 seconds at the start of each tournament that you can use as you need to, on top of the regular time.  You will get 15 seconds to make a move when it’s your turn, and your time bank will be 30 seconds for the entire length of the tournament.  If you have not acted in 8 seconds, the time bank will pop-up.  All other standard tournament time bank rules from above apply to Turbo Tournaments.