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    poker - super sundays

    Super Sundays

    Join now and play in a variety of exciting tournaments all Sunday long with guaranteed prize pools of over $275K.

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    Super Sundays

    Sundays are big at Bovada. Play in a variety of exciting tournaments all Sunday long with guaranteed prize pools of over $275K. You won’t want to miss out.

    There's a diverse slate of tournaments lined up, so you'll definitely find something right for you. There's a $9K Guaranteed to start your afternoon off right, and then end your evening on a high note with our $15K Guaranteed. Play all day and get in on some of our great deep stack tournaments. If you want to add some more action to your day, take a seat at our $5K Turbo. For those of you looking to score that big payday, try your hand at the $30K Guaranteed every Sunday evening at 5:25 PM ET.

    Don’t miss out on Sunday’s Big Deal, The $100K Guaranteed at 4 PM ET, where the winner walks away with at least $20,000. Get there on the cheap; qualify for as little as $1, or convert your Poker Points into a ticket.


    Super Sunday Schedule
    Time ET Super Sunday Tournament Guaranteed Prize Pool Buy-in Starting Chips
    2:00 PM $9,000 Guaranteed $9,000 $33 5,000
    2:10 PM The Big Deal $100K Special Qualifier 50 seats to the $100K Guaranteed $9.80 1,500
    4:00 PM The Big Deal $100,000 Guaranteed $100,000 $162 5,000
    4:15 PM $7,500 Guaranteed $7,500 $5.50 5,000
    4:25 PM $750 Guaranteed $750 $1.10 3,000
    4:30 PM $15,000 Guaranteed (DS) $15,000 $11 3,000
    4:35 PM $7,000 Guaranteed (Omaha H/L) $7,000 $55 5,000
    4:55 PM $15K Guaranteed (DS) $15,000 $60 10,000
    5:00 PM $5,000 Guaranteed (Turbo SS) $5,000 $33 5,000
    5:25 PM $30,000 Guaranteed (SS) $30,000 $215 5,000
    5:35 PM $4,000 Guaranteed $4,000 $44 5,000
    5:55 PM $5,000 Guaranteed $5,000 $27.50 10,000
    6:00 PM $10,000 Guaranteed $10,000 $60 3,000
    6:25 PM $10,000 Guaranteed $10,000 $109 3,000
    10:00 PM $15,000 Guaranteed (Turbo DS) $15,000 $109 3,000


    Wanna play big every day? Check out our daily guaranteed schedule.


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